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Sewing Room Updates

In the past months, I have put a lot of efforts in making my sewing/laundry room more functional. I had shared my sewing room before. Since then, I tried different layouts and a lot of thinking went on optimizing my small space (13′ x 7′). I thought I would share it with you again. It might […]

Random Windows Quilt

There is one quilt I’ve finished a long time ago that I didn’t share here yet. Why? Because I wanted to finish writing the pattern first. This will likely won’t be happening since I always find more motivating projects or deadlines. I finished it in the beginning of fall 2013. It took me almost all […]

Secondary Pinwheel Quilt

Sorry, for the lack of a more creative name for this quilt. I started it early last summer (you can read more about the top here). And I just finished it last week. It was set aside for a while. But, I was glad to take it out to put the final touch to it […]

Quilted Tote Bags

I’ve been quite busy in the past months and I’m starting to miss this space. I have a few projects that I finished recently and that I want to share. So, I’ll try to write more frequently. But first, I wanted to share some quilted tote bags I finished in February. The first one I […]

Newspaper Article on Modern Quilting

A quick post today to share an article published in the journal last weekend. There was an article on modern quilting in the “cahier Maison” of  La Presse here in Quebec. Me, Cinzia and Tamara from the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild were interviewed, along Catherine Cherrier from Courtepointe Quebec Quilts, Suzanne Paquette from Atelier Six and Elizabeth […]

Duvet Covers for the Boys

This year, we changed our boys bed from toddler to twin size bed. I asked them if they wanted a quilt or duvet cover, and they both asked for a duvet cover (which I totally understand because I love sleeping under a fluffy duvet). So, I started to look around for fabrics and realized how […]

HRT Table Runner Take Two

Last month, I made a demo to members of the Montreal MQG on half-rectangles triangle. Basically showing my technique for doing HRTs has done in the tutorial I wrote for Sew Mama Sew. We were not a lot of people at that meeting, but everyone seemed to enjoy. I took the opportunity to make a […]

Blogathon Canada – Winner

I’m back to announce the winner of the Kona bundle. But first, I would like to thank everyone who came to visit my blog and took the time to write a comment. It was great to read all your nice words. I also really enjoyed visiting different blogs through out Canada. So, the winner is […]