Duvet Covers for the Boys

This year, we changed our boys bed from toddler to twin size bed. I asked them if they wanted a quilt or duvet cover, and they both asked for a duvet cover (which I totally understand because I love sleeping under a fluffy duvet). So, I started to look around for fabrics and realized how much I would need for a twin size duvet cover: 7.5 – 10 yards depending on how you assemble it. That is a lot of fabric!

So, I started shopping for ready-made covers. But, I wasn’t finding any that suited my taste or that were the size I needed. Duvet sizes vary from place to place, and I chose large ones to cover bed sides. Then I thought about wide (108″) quilting fabrics. I remembered seeing the Crosshatch print by Carolyn Friedlander available in widescreen.  I love this print, I find it so versatile. I decided to order some in Pacific and Yarrow for the first duvet covet (2 yards of each).

Duvet Covers

After that, I found some wide fabrics in a local shop for the second cover. I bought the Crosshatch in Flame and combined it with a Chevron print in Gray from Riley Blake’s widebacks. This was just perfect to fit the pillow cover I made for the Riley Blake challenge last year.

Duvet Covers

Once you figure the size of the pieces to cut, duvet covers are not so hard to make. It’s just like a giant pillow cover. However, it is a challenge to work with large pieces of fabric. I’m glad we have a large floor in the living room where I can lay my fabric (or quilts when basting them). But, I do hope these duvet covers will be used for a long time. Even though I don’t plan to make more duvet covers anytime soon, I will certainly buy wide quilting cottons again. These will make quick and nice backing for quilts. It’s really great to see more modern prints available in larger widths.

One thought on “Duvet Covers for the Boys

  1. Jane S.

    I've always just purchased flat flannel sheets and used those to make duvet covers. I figure, they're made for bedding so it's the perfect use for them, and fortunately they can be found for a pretty good price too.

    That being said, yours are certainly a lot cuter than any I've made! 🙂

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