Pretty Potent Charm Quilt Finished

Today, I can show you pictures of the Pretty Potent Charm Quilt I started earlier this fall. I’m really happy with the result.

Pretty Potent Charm Quilt

I would definitely redo the same pattern (not right away because there are already plenty of other ideas I want to explore first). But next time, I would try using only solid color fabrics to put the emphasis on the layout of the different colors, Just like in the Navajo rug (seen here) that was my initial inspiration. I think I didn’t show you a sketch of the quilt without the prints. Here it is (don’t mind the colors it was just to try the layout).

For the back, I used some fabric remnants from the front combined with a corduroy by Free Spirit Fabrics. The print is from Denyse Schmidt’s Chicopee  collection. I just love the texture and I will certainly use corduroy again for the backing of a quilt. It feels so soft. For the binding, I used the same fabric as the background on the front (Interweave Chambray in Pepper from Robert Kaufman).

Pretty Potent Charm Quilt

For the quilting, I used a clam hell quilting pattern. In the central patchwork, I used the seams as quilting guidelines. Outside the patchwork, I marked horizontal lines at the same distance using my hera marker and used painter’s tape to mark the clamshell width. Here you can see the quilting from the back.

Pretty Potent Charm Quilt

I was really happy to finally give it to my father. It’s the first quilt I ever give him. I’m sure he will greatly appreciate it, because he totally understand the work and the love that went into it.

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  1. cinzia

    i love this quilt ! looks random at first glance, but i see the order as i look at it more closely. i love it when a quilt does that! and your quilting is so good! i can tell you've been practicing!

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