I’JCarrierm a mother of two little boys. In my spare time, you can find me in my sewing room. I love sewing. I like expressing my creativity through fabrics and thread. I like designing projects of my own and one of my favorites are quilts. They become like a blank canvas where you use fabrics to create design elements.

I come from an engineering background. I’ve always been a crafty person. I think this is a great combination for quilting and sewing in general. As they require both some logic and creativity. I started sewing when I got my first apartment, mainly doing home decor projects. But, I got into sewing and quilting seriously after becoming a mom, when I started sewing for my little ones. At that point, I discovered all the modern prints and the online quilting community. Since then, I have published several sewing and quilting projects in different magazines. I’m the co-founder of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild.

A bit more about my style. Of course, I love solids when designing my own quilts! But when I work with prints, here are some characteristics I’m drawn to: tone on tone, hand drawn feel, geometric, randomness. I like mixing fabrics of different scales. I particularly like small scale prints that will add texture to a project. Being surrounded by beautiful fabrics, sparked the interest to create my own textile designs. I like to combine hand-drawn elements with computer generated patterns that I program my-self. Some of my prints are available on Spoonflower and you can see my textile design portfolio here.

Professionally, I now call my self a creative coder. I’m a freelancer in web development (more specifically WordPress) and generative design (with Processing). Just like in sewing, those fields require both technical problem solving skills and visual creativity. I love using programming to communicate a visually appealing message. You can find my work portfolio at http://joseecarrier.ca/.