Amalgam Quilt Finished

I finished my Amalgam quilt  last week (see previous post here, here and here). I was able to take some pictures of it when we went skating with the kids.

Amalgam Quilt
Amalgam Quilt
For the quilting, I was inspired by a template (see the Cathedral Window Style Quilting Pattern) I found on Pinterest. I was already considering doing some arcs on the edges of the smaller triangles. But when I saw this motif, I decided to go with it all over the quilt. I used my hera marker to mark edges of triangles of the same size as the smaller ones in the large triangles.

Amalgam Quilt
I spent a lot of time sketching out in which order I would do the quilting. Too much time as you can see …

Amalgam Quilt
My son’s erasable colored pencils were quite handy. I had threads to match the blue and red triangles. I wanted to find the best way to avoid stops and starts. But in the end all this sketching didn’t serve much as I had to bury knots anyway due to errors I’ve made.

When I choose a free-motion quilting design for a quilt, I to try to aim at motifs that won’t require moving the quilt a lot. It makes it so much easier on a domestic machines. But, it seems like I have a hard time sticking to this plan. In this case, it was a bit hard to make regular arcs due to the drag on the quilt. The quilting is the part I’m the most disappointed about in this quilt.

Amalgam Quilt

But after a wash, stepping back to have an overall look and waiting a few days before looking at it again, I’m still happy with the result.

Amalgam Quilt

As I mentioned in this post, the binding was made with the Raspberry Jam print from PB&J collection by Basic Grey for Moda. About the same day I sewed my binding to the quilt I stumbled on the beautiful work of Emily Barletta over Pinterest. I find the resemblance between the Raspberry Jam print this thread and paper artwork by her quite surprising. Don’t you?

I finished my quilt in time to submit it to two quilt exhibitions: the CQQ Salon, a provincial exhibition here in Montreal, and the Vermont Quilt Festival. It always help to have a deadline to finish a project! I don’t know yet if it will be accepted. But it doesn’t matter if it isn’t, we will still enjoy this quilt in our living room.

10 thoughts on “Amalgam Quilt Finished

  1. Karen

    Gorgeous quilt, and stunning setting! What a wonderful photo. Your quilt looks as though it's suspended mid-air. Beautiful.

  2. bellechan

    Your quilt turned out so great! And I think the quilting looks great, it was the perfect motif to choose to apply over your triangle design 🙂 I can't wait to see it in person!

    And the picture is really nice, the color of the snow goes perfectly with the quilt. It looks as if it was meant to be there.

  3. Poppyprint

    This quilt is stunning! I love the graphic play between the red and white halves and your fresh interpretation of a 60 degree triangle quilt (which I am currently obsessed with!). Great work!

  4. Chantal Thibodeau

    Bonjour. Je viens de découvrir votre blogue (vous…. on a à peu près le même âge). J'aime beaucoup les dégradés de rouge, très efficaces. Je ne suis pas une fan des très grands contrastes mais je trouve que les dégradés de blanc et de rouge permettent de conserver ce punch tout en l'atténuant juste assez. Ça me donne des idées !

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