Sewing for Knitters

For Christmas, I made two gifts for knitters. The first was for my aunt. She liked my sister’s knitting needles roll-up. A while ago she had mentioned that she would love if I could make one for her. I made one based on my tutorial with some modifications.

I used a printed corduroy for the exterior. This fabric was given to me by aunt. So, I new she would like it. Because of that fabric choice, I didn’t make the hexagon appliqués shown in the tutorial.

Knitting Needles Roll-Up
Inside the roll-up, I used some coordinating quilting cottons. Another difference compared to the tutorial is the binding. I decided to try something different and not to use binding. Instead, I assembled the roll-up with a muslin on the back. At the end, I sewed the exterior fabric right side down on the right side of the assembled case and left an opening to turn the roll-up right side out. I hand-stitched the opening and top-stitched all around.
Knitting Needles Roll-Up

The second knitter’s gift was for my sister. She already had a roll-up to store her needles, but she asked me if I could do a case for carrying around her knitting notions. Something similar to what I had done for sewing notions here. She asked after she saw this quilting practice sandwich. She loved the texture and wanted me to use it for her case.

This made me think about the sewing kit in the book I Love Patchwork by Rashida Coleman-Hale. It was just the right size. But then my sister sent a picture of what she wanted to store in her case.

I had to change my plans this was way to small. She did love the mix of linen with a colored print for the binding though. She also mentioned that she would prefer a zipped case. Based on all she had mentioned, I decided to do something similar two those two organizers: here and here. And here is what she received on Christmas day.

Zippered notion organizer
Zippered notion organizer
The print I used for the binding was from the Center City collection by Jay McCarroll. I love the print and its colors, and I thought it was a great scale for binding. I coordinated the pockets fabrics with that. I also made one of the smaller pockets with felt, so she could insert her needles through it.

In my Christmas gift sewing, my sister’s zipped case was definitely the project that I’m the most satisfied with. I hope that both her and my aunt will be happy knitters!

2 thoughts on “Sewing for Knitters

  1. bellechan

    Everytime I look at my knitting organizer I fall in love with it all over again 😀 The mix of the shot cotton and the binding is just simply perfect!

    It is a bit bigger than what I had in mind (I know, I know, it's my own fault), but I discovered that I could also slip in the pattern I'm working on by folding the sheet in two and sliding it in one of the pockets. So it turns out, it's even better than what I had in mind!

    I still think you should be doing something with your "scrap" quilting test, because it is just looooovely.

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