Sew Gifts!

Do you like to sew gifts for others? I do. Last summer, I was asked to contribute to a book on sewing for gifts. You can imagine my pleasure. The book just came out, so I can share it with you. It is Sew Gifts by Martingale. With the Holidays in just a bit more than two months, I think it is great timing.

For the book, I designed a knitting needle case.

My husband’s grand-mother had an old case similar to this. I thought it was a great way to store and carry knitting needles around. I decided to design one incorporating a bit of patchwork and to quilt it. The print is from the Ten Little Things collection by Jenn Ski for Moda.  I’m not a knitter, but I made a shorter case for my-self to use it as a pencil case.

The book is filled with great projects. I particularly like the sketchbook cover and pencil pouch featured on the book cover. It is designed by Adrienne Smitke of Handmade is Awesome.

You can see all of the projects on Stitch This!, Martingale’s blog. There is a copy of Sew Gifts! eBook to win if you leave a comment on their blog post. Martingale is also offering a copy of the ebook to one of my readers. If you would like to participate, leave me a comment. I would love to know what kind of gifts you like to sew for your loved ones.  I’ll pick a winner in a week from now, on Wednesday Oct. 23, that I’ll contact by email. Hope you’ll enjoy the book.

Update: The winner of the eBook is Francine Benoit.

14 thoughts on “Sew Gifts!

  1. rappy

    Love that needle case and I know exactly whom I'd give it to if I were to make it! Congratulations on another lovely project :).

    I obviously like gifting quilts, but I've just finished a table runner, which may be my new favourite thing to make.

  2. Izzy

    Congrats on getting published… Again! :-). I love making quilts as gifts, but I also made a number of tote bags which are also fun and quick!

  3. Beached Librarian

    A shorter version of your knitting case would be great for pens and pencils, too. Congrats on being included in this book. It looks like a great resource. I tend to make a lot of quilts, but I've been trying to branch out to bags, toys, and other little things.

  4. dthompson

    The knitting needle case is great! I just finished a knitting tote bag for my niece. With the left over fabric, I could make the needle case as well. She would love it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Francine Benoit

    Vraiment joli Josée! Je devrai définitivement m'en faire un car mes aiguilles à tricoter percent tous mes sacs. Ça pourrait aussi servir de trousse à maquillage. Et j'ai déjà en tête quelqu'une à qui le donner. Merci pour le tirage.

  6. Chip E. Nell

    I love the needle case! I like to makes socks, so that case would make a handy gift to me! I do napkins and table runners, socks, aprons, wall hangings. Whatever I hear the girls say they want me to make! I made a son in law a canoe cover from double knit for a 16 foot canoe!

  7. pattypug

    Just the thing I need for all my needles, crochet and knitting..I belong to a group of gals that knit and crochet for hospitals, hospice, schools, etc. we could use this book for sure.

  8. Ginger

    Your knitting needle case is lovely. And it could be used for lot's of other things too (make up brushes, pencils, etc) I do like to sew gifts, but only if I know the person likes handmade things.

  9. Theglasdiva

    Beautiful! I like the cheerful colors that were used. My sewn gifts usually include: quilts, tote bags. potholders, pincushions and anything to do with organization.

  10. Leigh Anne

    I've done a lot of handmade over the years (clothes, doll clothes, quilts, cushion covers) but this looks like is has some amazing ideas. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

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