Small Projects Here and There

In this previous post, I mentioned that I bought a second sewing machine to be able to make some smaller projects while finishing quilting my lap size quilt.I thought I’d share a few of them with you. First, I made some gifts for my two sons daycare teachers. I decided to make some lanyards for them to carry their keys around. They were inspired by these tutorials: here and here. In the first tutorial, I particularly liked the way the two fabric ends were stitched together to close the loop. It is explained in more details here.

Key Lanyard

I also made some fabric tray for them based on this tutorial by Noodlehead:

Fabric tray

And I made my-self a coin pouch using a flex-frame . It was based on this tutorial by Rashida Coleman-Hale. I find it a bit to deep. But, the tutorial was calling for a 4 1/2″ flex frame and mine is only 3 1/2″. So, I have a hard time putting my hand in the opening to grab the coins at the bottom of the pouch.
Coin Pouch
Coin Pouch

Here is a another coin pouch I wanted to mention. Those tiny hexagons assembled using English Paper Piecing and made out of Liberty lawn makes it so special. I still have two more flex frame, so I plan to do some more. I might use this one for cards and make another one for coins.