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In the last few months, I’ve been working on a quilt. It is a lap size quilt that I designed and for which I’d like to sell the pattern on my own (instead of being published in a book or magazine). I’m writing it as I go. It’s a first one and it is a long process. As I was saying to a friend, it is always easier to get the motivation to work on projects for other people like gifts or ones that have a deadline. So, this one has been pushed back many times. I’ve had the fabrics for a while (see this post). The fabrics are from the Treetop Fancy collection by Tina Givens combined with some Kona cottons in Aqua and Snow. I had done a sketch for the quilt even before that.

Anyway, I’m almost done with the quilt and I wanted to share one of the last step with you: the quilting. The quilt is 60″ x 72″. Again I decided to put to practice some free motion quilting using patterns from Angela Walters’ book. I chose some chain squares for the different pieced squares and some flower (looks like dahlia) designs for the negative space. I’m echoing the pieced squares before filling in the negative space. I’m marking the squares with painter’s tape to echo them.

Quilt in Progress - FMQ

I’m using Aurifil for a second time and I would say it is going pretty smoothly for FMQ. I used Aurifil 2021 to match Kona Snow for the negative space and Aurifil 5006 to match Kona Aqua in the squares. The aqua thread is finer (50 wt compared to 40 wt for the one matching Snow). This is perfect as I’m using it on prints of different colors, so it blends more with the fabrics.  All the squares are quilted and about 3/4 of the negative space too. My flower pattern is pretty dense. So, my only worry is that I’ll end my 1000 meter spool before I get to the end. Then I would need to order a new spool … Here you can see what is left compared to a brand new spool in another color.

My quilt has been on my machine table for a bit more than a month now. I’m doing some half hours quilting here and there. I have been thinking of buying a second machine for a while. This project convinced me to do it. I had a few other small projects I wanted to do and didn’t want to wait until this was finished. Anyway I can’t quilt all day long. So, I looked around if I could find a used Janome machine. I wanted the same brand as my main machine to be able to use my sewing feet on both. Finally, I ordered a new really basic machine: a Janome My Style 100.

I’m really happy with my decision. This will be perfect for our sew-ins at the Montreal MQG. I can’t wait for our next one which will be in October. Anyway, until then I really need to get this quilt done so I can show it to you.

7 thoughts on “What have been up to …

  1. Carmit

    I'm intrigued–can't wait to see the finished product! If you're looking for someone to test the pattern for you, I'd be happy to give it a try.

  2. Anonymous

    Bonne idée Josée pour la 2e machine. J'y pensais aussi depuis un certain temps. Mais je me suis acheté une Featherweight. Mon conjoint dit qu'on peut facilement l'adapter pour se servir d'une batterie de voiture … ou de motorisé … un jour peut-être. Anyway, je l'aime beaucoup et tu la verras au prochain sew-in. Au plaisir de comparer nos machines 😉 Francine

  3. cinzia

    Can't wait to see that pattern at our first show and tell? My son got that Janome as a prize at he Vermon Quilt Festival. I haven't tried it yet but it looks like a good little machine. Good idea to have a second machine!

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