In The Mirror Quilt in Modern Quilts Unlimited

A few people mentioned me that they received their copy of Modern Quilts Unlimited and saw my quilt in it. It is a wall art mini-quilt I designed for the Summer 2013 issue. It is named In The Mirror. I didn’t receive my copy yet. It is always fun to see how they pictured the project. But, I couldn’t resist any longer from sharing it with you!

In The Mirror Wall Art Quilt

It the same size as my Reflection mini-quilt: 20”x 36”. And just like it, the design is playing with reflection and asymmetry. The reflection is achieved by using dark and light values of the same colors in the squares, the negative space and even the binding. I used neutral colors for the negative space to make the squares stand out. For the quilting, I did a square spiral in each square. And I did straight line quilting about 1/2″ apart in the negative space echoing the squares on each side of the reflection line. My only deception is that the lines going in between each square distorted their piecing a bit.

This was initially planed to go in our bedroom.  I wanted to make a queen size quilt in the same design for our bed. But when my husband saw the pink, it was a categorical NO. Too much pink before in his life, he said. However, there is someone else patiently waiting for it to come. My sister loved the quilt when she saw it, so I offered it to her.

A few projects came to an end in the past few weeks. It looks like I was really busy lately. But, really these are projects I have worked on throughout the past year. It started with the Stand Out table runner which I worked on July last year and the last one was the Spectrum baby quilt which I just finished in June. I hope it will continue this way, because I love designing new projects!

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