In And Out Quilt: Sketch and Fabrics

As I said in my last post, it is harder to work on personal projects. I have an ongoing project of making us a lap quilt for our living room. I thought sharing the process with you might help me not pushing this one back over and over.

I’m really happy with the sketch I came out with. I wanted to play with triangles. I never did a triangle quilt before and I just love them. Here, here, here and here are just a few from the ones that I like. I wanted to come out with something different. If you read my blog a bit you should know by now that I love playing with value. So, I decided I would do a two color quilt, all solids in different values. Also, I was seeking for a design where the triangles would go from one color to the other. I started making some sketches. I made a few than I showed them to my sister. Right away, she suggested that I look at Escher’s work. As soon as I saw his illustration with fishes and birds (Sky an Water I), I thought that was it. Starting from there, I came out with this sketch. Thanks little sister! As you can see, I played again with asymmetry too.

In And Out Quilt Sketch
After that, I saw two quilts playing with this idea of going from one color to the other (here and here). Both of them are quite stunning. While looking for a pattern for a triangular quilt, I also found out about the Sierpinski triangle which is a quite interesting pattern. And just this week, I saw a quilt that was based on that pattern (see the last quilt in this post about the Tokyo Quilt Festival 2012). It’s an amazing quilt don’t you think? I love the choice of colors. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention who did it. There is so much patterns to explore with triangles!
Back to my quilt, I already chose, ordered and received all my fabrics for it. Like usually, this is the fun part and I had no trouble getting to it! For the front, I’ll be using all fabrics from Moda Bella Solids.
In And Out Quilt Fabric
Here are the color I chose. For the reds: Scarlet, Brick Red, Cherry and Tomato Soup. For the blues: Cloud, Home Town (a bit more greenish) and Mist. A big thanks to Jennifer for lending me her color card!
For the back panel and the binding, I chose some fabrics from the PB&J collection by Basic Grey for Moda. I just love that collection, particularly the Raspberry Jam prints. This will be great for binding.
In And Out Quilt Fabric
I have a plan and all the fabrics for it. Now, I’m ready to cut! I want to share each steps in the making of this quilt. I hope you’ll be able to read more about this quilt shortly. For now, I named it In And Out, but really I’m not sure how I should name it. Let me know if you have any suggestion.

5 thoughts on “In And Out Quilt: Sketch and Fabrics

  1. Izzy

    Nice colours and fabrics. I think it's going to look amazing. I'm really happy you've decided to share the entire process with us. I'm always curious about how the quilt designers come up with their designs.

  2. cinzia

    Wow. I love your idea! And i love reading all the thinking that went into it. Your sister was wise to point you to Escher's work. The litlle red triangles look like they are breaking free from the biggger ones and flying skyward. Can't wait to see more!

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