Quilting the Bursting Star

I finished up my quilt top for my bursting star and completed the quilting. As I was saying in my previous post, I added a border in coal. But before adding the border, I added a flange in orange to frame the star. I will also be adding a second flange when I’ll do the binding. This one in green. And I’ll use the same fabric as the border for the binding. I’ve got this idea from a quilt by Katie at Sew Katie Did. I just love such details. It’s just add a special touch to the quilt.

Because of the flange between the star block and the border, I decided to quilt them separately. For the star blocks, I decided to go with an all-over design. I got the first book from Angela Walters this summer. Don’t  you love her quilting style? I’ve started following her blog last year and I really appreciate her work. I also started following her class on Craftsy. So, I decided it was about time I try out something from the book. Since the quilt is intended for a baby boy, I went with a boxy quilting design, the Geometric Allover in the book. And for the borders, I went for Chain Squares. Here it is on my table as I was quilting it and a close-up at the quilting.

Bursting Star - Quilting

Bursting Star - Quilting

I did it on my “new” sewing table. Actually, I got the table at the end of the summer. It’s a used ergonomic table. I found it online. Someone near my place was selling it for only 100$. It’s large, about 30″ x 60″ and it’s adjustable in height. It was just what I was looking for. And it fits perfectly in my sewing room. Lately, my husband cut a hole and install some brackets to have my machine bed at the same height as the table.

Sewing Table

It’s so great for quilting. It’s actually the second time I use it to quilt. I also used it when quilting my wonky kites quilt. That quilt is much larger (60″ x 72″). So, the table helped a lot. Next steps to organize my sewing room, my wall cabinets. But, these are going to wait a little bit longer because my husband is so busy with it’s own projects. I’m just grateful he did my table right away. And he promised he would do a wall-mounted cutting table for me!

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