Wonky Kites Quilt

This summer, I finished up a quilt top and back with the help of some girls in do. Good Stitches. We used my tutorial on Wonky Kite Stripe Block. I received a total of 12 blocks from Amanda, Kristin, Terrie and Melissa. A big thanks to them!

The quilt is intended for a friend of mine who is facing serious health issues. Me and my husband were  really touched by his situation. Just like us, he has a family with two young children. I wanted to make something special for them to say we care and to bring some comfort. So, I decided to make him a quilt. I could have done one by my-self. But, I decided to ask help from people in do. Good Stitches. To me, it makes it even more special. It shows that they are people around to bring support even if it’s only in good thoughts. I’m really amaze by all the generosity I have seen so far in do. Good Stitches and in the online quilting community in general. Thanks again to everyone who offered their help.

When I asked for some blocks, I requested shades of blue, green, aqua with 
neutral (solid color) fabrics for the background piece. My choice of colors was inspired by this quilt by Alex at Teaginny Designs. I feel it soothing and this is just what you need when you’re going through tough times.

I originally had planned doing a 60″ x 72″ quilt made from of 30 blocks on the front. But then I reviewed my plan and decided to order some Kona in Sage to make some borders and some Kona in Pond for the back panel. These color make think of the sea and what is more soothing than the ocean?

Wonky Kites - Quilt top and back

When I started playing around with the blocks I received. I realize that were looking much better in pairs. I came up with this configuration. I love asymmetrical quilt. So, I decided to make an offset column of diamonds for the front. 
Wonky Kites - Quilt top
And I kept 4 blocks to make a diamond for the back.
Wonky Kites - Quilt back

I have been quite busy this summer. But now, it’s near the top of my project list. I’ll try to baste it this week. I really want to give this to my friend and his family as soon as possible.

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  1. cinzia

    It is lovely. it looks like a beautiful stained glass window. very soothing and spiritual. I think your friend will feel the love that went into it.

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