Zoology Patchwork Square Quilt Finished

Last week I was able to complete my patchwork baby quilt.
Square Patchwork Quilt - Done!

As planned, I tried out free-motion quilting an orange peel pattern following Elizabeth Hartman’s tutorial. It went quite well. My quarter circles are not perfect, but I like the overall effect. As I was going I discovered that I was more comfortable pushing the quilt sandwich instead of pulling it toward me as suggestead in the tutorial. Pushing allowed me to see more clearly were my needle was going to next. This way I could anticipate more easily my moves.

The only thing I would say is that trying a new quilting pattern on high contrasting quilt like this one is not such a great idea. I hesitated on the thread color to use. Then I went for white as I felt that they were more lighter squares. But, the white showed off a lot my little imperfections on the black squares and on the back which was a flannel with white polka dots on black.

Square Patchwork Quilt - Done!

Here is my quilt photographed at the April meeting of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild which append last Friday. This was quite fun. It is great to share with people online. But there is nothing like talking with people with the same passion live and see their eyes shine as they talk about it. It was not only me and Cinzia from deux petites souris this time. We were seven. I really enjoyed meeting all of them. It is encouraging to see that the word is starting to spread and that it’s generating interest.

Square Patchwork Quilt - Done!

My quilt is now for sale in my Etsy shop for anyone interested.

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  1. Holly

    That quilting design is very cool and it looks like you did a great job! I'm happy to hear that you went from two to seven quilters at your Montreal Modern Quilt Guild meeting!

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