do. Good Stitches – March Blocks

For the month of March, Rebecca is planning to do a quilt with scattered stars. She asked us for two blocks of 12.5″ square with one or more wonky stars of different sizes and colors. We had to use white for the background. And she wanted the stars to be made of only one fabric, same for center and points. Preferably , a solid color fabric or one with small prints that would like as solid from far. She suggested this tutorial.

Again, this was a block I never tried out. This is one of the reason I like being in a bee. It allows you to try out different techniques without committing to a whole quilt. And you always learn something from it. One of the mistake I made was not cutting the squares for the points larger than the white squares to give some space to play with for making the star wonkier. And this was pointed out in the tutorial! But in the end, I’m pretty happy with the result. Hope Rebecca will be too! It will surely make a nice quilt.

do. Good Stitches - March Block 1

do. Good Stitches - March Block 2