Manly Kindle Case – Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway

Sew, Mama, Sew! is hosting a giveaway to which anyone can contribute this week. What a fun event! We get a chance to know other people’s blog.

The actual Giveaway Day was Monday, but it is open until the end of the week. I was working on my Christmas gifts sewing and I didn’t have anything ready for the giveaway until yesterday. Later is better than never! I was planning an e-reader case for my stepfather, when I thought I could make a second one for the giveaway.

My stepfather has a kindle, but it has no sleeve. I looked over the blogosphere and the fabrics in my stash. I wanted something manly. I didn’t use any specific tutorial or pattern, but I did follow the recommendation in this post for the size. The case I did is for a Kindle 3 which size is: 7.5″ x 4.8″ x 0.34″. The exterior is all solid color cottons. It is quilted to bamboo batting. The lining is a coordinating cotton print. So, here is what I came up with:

Manly Kindle CaseManly Kindle CaseManly Kindle Case 
The case shown in the photo is the one for the giveaway (The only difference is the button). If you would like to win it, please enter a comment by December 16, 5 p.m. PST. I’m always searching for ideas to sew for boys and men. I find it so much harder to sew for them. So in your comments, I would like you to answer the following question: “What do you sew for all the men in your life?”. Thanks for your ideas. I will pick a winner using a random number generator and announce it by December 18.
My husband isn’t sure his dad will use a case. But, let see… It was made with love, so he might decide to snuggle his kindle in it when not reading.
The lucky winner is StephanieS. I enjoyed reading all your projects and suggestions. It was really a pleasure to participate to this event hosted by Sew, Mama, Sew!
Happy Holidays everyone!

… I was asked the size of the kindle, so I went back to my notes and here are the detailed measurements of the different fabric pieces. For the lining: width, 6.5″ and height, 18″. For the exterior, there is two pieces of tan, one for the front and one for the back, same for cream, and one piece for the grey fabric that is going from front to back. The width is 6.5″ like the lining. The height is 3.5″ for tan, 2.5″ for cream and 8.5″ for grey. I used 1/4″ seam allowance everywhere. For the batting, I used the same size as the lining less the seam allowance, so 6″ x 17.5″. I did this to avoid bulkiness at the seam but I’m not sure this was necessary. Hope this will help you out!

69 thoughts on “Manly Kindle Case – Sew, Mama, Sew! Giveaway

  1. Anonymous

    Well that's easy…only one little "man" left in my life…my cat…he loves snuggly quilts..LOL
    Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful prize.
    Kind regards from Germany.

  2. Tamster

    I have made lots of things for my boys. Hats, shirt, quilts. I am currently making them a drawstring bag each. I also made the eldest a sock monkey and the youngest has a softie Dinosaur for Christmas. The problem with sewing for boys is not finding patterns but finding nice fabric!

    Merry Christmas from London, UK!

  3. Michelle {Daydream Believers}

    Guys are SO hard to sew for! My typical "guy" gifts are scarves and quilts. 🙂 Another handmade idea (not sewing, but still handmade) is jewelry, or keychains. In the past, I have made/purchased some very cool handcrafted bracelets and keychains for the big- guys in my life. Little guy gifts include crayon rolls, toy-car rolls, and capes 🙂


  4. becky

    So far my little guy isn't picky about what I make for him, but that may be because he's only 2.5 weeks old. So far I've made him a bunch of clothes and I can see pants and shorts in the future. I recently got some patterns for baseball tees and pajama pants that I may attempt to make for my husband.

  5. Abbington

    I hope your father in law does use it – it looks great! Boys are hard to craft for! I once knitted my husband a jumper which he almost NEVER wore, so I gave up on him. My son, however, loves the dressups I make him!

  6. Amber

    Such a stylish e-reader sleeve! My husband would definitely use this. I have sewn an e-reader cover for him when the original broke and I think that's the only thing I've made that he uses. Does your hubby wear ties? How about a manly tool apron for home repairs? Guess I'm not very helpful. Sorry.

  7. Anonymous

    so far i've sewed pants for my younger son. it's hard the first time but now i kinda enjoy making it. thanks for the giveaway.

  8. Micmacker

    Last year I made laptop padded sleeves, and a simple stacked coins quilt for my teenage nephew with lots of blues and greys. Next up: another nephew, another quilt, this time with assorted green solids and grey. Oh, and a messenger bag for another nephew. Those boys have really piled up! I love the grey palette on your kindle sleeve.

  9. Zoe

    My dad's hoping to get a kindle next year, so I'll keep my fingers crossed to win this! I knitted my brother a beard beanie for his birthday, that went down pretty well 🙂

  10. Sherrie

    This is a hard one! Last year for our boys I made nerf gun holders for their waist. It was actually a lot of fun trying to figure out how to make it. Pajama pants are obvious. Last year for my son's birthday, I redid his room on a $75 budget and brought in some cool fabric in the curtains, pillows and other accessories. I like this reader holder coloring!

  11. Kathy

    I don't end up sewing much for my husband, but I get busy making pants, blankets, and beanbags for my two boys.

    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  12. camelama

    Manly sewing: lots of different sized bags out of ripstop nylon or denim or such, for all their toys (even big boy "toys" like tools or gadgets!). Rain-proof notebook covers for the guy pal who likes to bird and geocache in the Pacific Northwest. Little "bachelor bowls" for on their dresser etc, to toss keys coins cufflinks etc in. Sit-upons for the hunters, campers, boaters etc. Ditty-bags for the boyscouts, to use in washing up dishes while camping. Collapsible roll-up table for the camping guys! Beer cozies. 🙂 Camera-strap covers. First aid kit bags. Very very MANLY bags for bringing books home from the library. 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    I've made lap quilts using "manly" fabrics but I do have one brother that actually appreciates art so he gets art quilts and other things occasionally.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  14. Fran

    Like you, I've found it really difficult to sew for the men I know. I have made some cushion covers for my brother this Christmas & I'm hoping that he likes them. Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  15. Rookie

    Sister, I hear ya! Sewing for men is a challenge and I feel your pain. I find that the more practical the gifts are the more likely they are to use them. I mad emy hubby an Ipad pouch and he uses it every day. I'm sure it has more to do with the fact that this is the only pouch he has for it, but I don't mind – he's using it and that makes me happy 🙂 So I'm sure your pouch will be a hit too. My hubs loves the fact that the pouch kind of cleans the screen whe he slips it in. A surprise feature – teehee.

    I'll probably sew up some manly BBQ aprons for the Dads this year. Or car organisers. I have a couple of things in me Pinterest sewing board if you wanna have a look.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and the chance to win.


  16. Linda

    Hello, I've also made some pajama bottoms for the men and boys in our family that were well received. I've also made Halloween costumes and 'dress-up' gear for boys (construction worker, pirate, etc.) Thanks for the chance to win. Linda

    rodlindafansler (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. SewLindaAnn

    I plan on making pajamas, but I already made a wallet with slots for gift cards and I got them activated with some money for him. This way there's always some place to drive thru if he's in a hurry for lunch or a snack. Also slippers are a great idea.

  18. Sis-O

    I have yet to learn to sew anything more than quilts, drapes, etc. (straight lines not requiring tricky patterns). My men have received quilts. Love this. I have a Kindle that would love a place to sleep at night or during travel. Thank you.

    skowens (at) sbcglobal (dot) com

  19. Kristie

    Guys are tough. I made my husband a felted sweater quilt last year in fall colors. I also made him a fabric bookmark. What else could you do? Gadget charging station, gadget cases, a messenger bag, tie, scarf, hat, drivers' cap, leather wrist cuff. Good luck!

  20. Kristie

    Guys are tough. I made my husband a felted sweater quilt last year in fall colors. I also made him a fabric bookmark. What else could you do? Gadget charging station, gadget cases, a messenger bag, tie, scarf, hat, drivers' cap, leather wrist cuff. Good luck!

  21. Kristi

    I have a little guy that I make clothes and toys for, including a bucket hat and some dragon slippers this year. I'm making my husband a cloak for Christmas (yes, it's weird, but that's what he asked for). Both guys are also getting knitted mug cozies in their stockings.

  22. baukje

    We have a grandson and I only knitted cardigans for me…Oh I remember i sewed him a ragdoll, he did not even looked at it……. For my Thom I also knitted I am so sorry…..

  23. Jeane

    Your kindle cover is so perfect. I love the colors and fabrics. This year for a few single guys in our family, I made some Ty Pennington designer manly pot holders. Hope the guys like them.

  24. Julia Badgley

    The only thing I've sewn recently is one of those heating pads filled with rice (I'm just learning to sew!), but one idea that would be cool for my little guy would be a pillow case with a character (like Thomas the Tank Engine) on it.
    My hubby is hard to make things for and buy things for, unfortunately.
    I think your manly case is a very good gift idea.

  25. Sue

    Both my sons sew for themselves, so unless they need help on a specific project I don't sew anything for them anymore. Used to sew clothes and quilts for them when they were little. I do knit them socks though.

  26. Sewing 1x1

    Clothing (boxers, pjs and dress shirts), gadget covers and a passport cover. Everything else has been off limits.
    Thanks for hosting a giveaway! I love the kindle case. I haven't gotten around to making one for myself yet 🙂

  27. Jo

    PJ bottoms and Doo rags, are my stand bys. I made a pocket calender cover I wasn't sure DH would like but he must have because he used it and his friends started asking for them, welding caps…still trying to master getting the size right on thse. Thanks for the chance to win

  28. Jenny from My Handmade Home

    My boys: blankets, toy bags, backpacks, pencil cases, shorts, pants, even boy versions of baby legs

    My hubby: I just mend the holes. He considers that to be an amazing thing! haha

    Thanks for a chance to win the giveaway. I think the case is really beautiful.

  29. bassenav

    PJ bottoms.
    My poor husband lives with 2 daughters, a wife, two female felines and works with two women assistants. He could use all the manly he can get!

  30. Mama Lusco

    I'd love a Kindle case! Guys are hard…Mine don't wear ties, but they are an option. My big boy loves me to make his cargo shorts and hubby really liked the blue-jean comforter I made last C-mas. Thank you! mamalusco at ortelco dot net

  31. Ashley

    I love this! I am hoping for a Nook for Christmas. I still in the process of learning to sew, so I must admit that the men (and women) in my life have yet to receive anything I have sewn. Here's to hoping it happens soon!

  32. Pacas

    That question is hard for me to answer cause I don't sew! But I think that for kids a good bag for their toys/games would be perfect 🙂 (also for dad's cause they have lots of electrical stuff)

  33. Lynne

    Great cover! men are always harder to make things for. I tend to sew pj pants for the boys/men in the family. I've also made scarves and blankets. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. kathy

    Men are difficult but because they think I can sew anything and I have dis-abused them of ever darning their socks – they tend to come up with ideas.
    Last year, I made my son a Chalk Bag – for rock climbing.
    A few years back I made a cover for our open-cockpit biplane and a luggage 'bin'.
    I await their pleasure as a challenge.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. Emily Gusba

    This is awesome! To be honest, I'm not sure WHAT to sew my husband (although I'd like to make him something!!!) – I think I might make him a scarf, though…

  36. Anne

    I am expecting a Kindle for Christmas, so this is just what I need! One year I made boxer shorts out of novelty fabric for my husband and brother. I used the Kwik Sew pattern for these. I have three daughters and no sons, so most of my sewing is for girls. Merry Christmas!

  37. Living in La La Land

    Men are really hard to sew for! I have a 12 year old so I can still get away with making something and just handing it to him to put on or use! I like to make pajama pants for the men in my life, my dad, brothers, son, every man can use comfy loungers!
    Thank you for the opportunity;)

  38. bethanndodd

    Sadly, I don't make many things for my hubby or Dad. I do make lots for my 3 sons and 8 nephews! The most requested item is a monster shirt. Up second is jammies. I am sure your FIL will be happy to snuggle his kindle with his new made with love gift. Thanks for the chance! Smiles~Beth

  39. M.W.

    Knitted hats, mostly. I also made a "manly diaper bag" for my husband from a nice grey bottom weight fabric, becuase on Mondays he stays home with the baby, and he really doesn't like my pink diaper bag. It's covered in ruffles and sparkly fabric– I wonder why he doesn't like it (snicker)?

  40. The Hungry Crafter

    I think that's great! I agree — men are very hard to sew for (my husband is impossible — I don't even try!). The few man-sewing requests I've gotten are for exactly this sort of thing — Kindle cases or phone cases. Toiletry bags can be manly too…oh and I made a "manly" diaper bag for my brother-in-law, since those can be hard to find!

  41. Judy Blinkenberg

    I'm trying to make quilts for the men in my family. Most all come from Holly Taylor. Hunting deer, fishing, and camping are what my family does. My grandson is 10 and will be going next year with his Dad, his Grandpa, and his two Uncles. Yes, lots of quilts of outdoor fabrics.
    Thank you Josee for the dimensions of your Kindle cover. Appreciate this. Judy

  42. Anita

    I would love to win this for my BIL's kindle. I don't really sew for the men in my life…but thank you for the chance to win.

  43. Sheila

    Men are harder to sew for – I think you have a great idea with the Kindle case. Glasses cases are another good idea – sunglasses case or reading glasses case if their eyes are aging…

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