Visit to New York!

I went to New York City last week for the long weekend (Thanks Giving in Canada, Columbus day in the US). I was there on a tourist trip. It was my first time. What a nice city. I was there with my sister, my mom and her spouse. First time on a trip without my two little boys in 3 years. We walked a lot! Visiting all the sites tourists usually see: Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Top of the Rock, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park … We were there 3 full days and we saw a lot. But, I had to do one fabric stop and it was Purl. Here you see me in their shop.


We went there after a good brunch in Soho. And I wasn’t disappointed. What a nice fabric selection they have! I wish there was more quilt shop like this around here! But, I was reasonable and I didn’t bought anything. I have so much fabrics in my stash for which I have projects in mind and not so much time to actually do them. But, I was really happy to see their shop.

I made a second fabric related stop, but this one wasn’t planned. As we were eating lunch next to the Flat Iron Building, I saw this Marimekko store. I first heard/read about this Finnish textile and clothing design company in Stitch (Fall 2009). They make fabric with bold graphics all in saturated colors. They started by printing on fabrics. But they now print their patterns on all kind of objects from table wares to umbrella, including bags, pillows and much more. It was a happy finding. They have a lovely boutique. Here it’s me and my sister sitting on their large bean cushion in front of the store.