Reflection Mini Quilt

I started  to work on a project using only solids. It’s my first one and I love it. I find it offers a lot of possibilities in regards to designing graphic elements. This one is a mini quilt to hang on the wall of the washroom upstairs. Later on, this will be our two little boys washroom as it sits in between their bedrooms. But for now, they are two young for that. I had this design idea in mind for a while and I thought a wall art would be a first little project to try it out. I made some progress and I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve called it Reflection. I first did my mockup up in Ilustrator as I’m working on a pattern for it at the same time I’m sewing it. So here is an idea of what it will look like.

Reflection Mini Quilt 
I had a lot fun chain piecing all those strips together. It makes it so much faster.

Automne2011 001
Automne2011 002 

I had to number all pieces to keep track of them as they are of different widths, lengths and colors and also to help me laying them out following my design.
Reflection Mini Quilt

I just finished up sewing the smaller half of the reflection. And here is the result.

I intend to do the quilting in a large spiral centered on the two reflection lines in the middle. I’ll keep you updated to show you the end result and to let you know about a pattern for those interested.