Fat Stash Bee – July Blocks

For July, we were provided some photos as a source of inspiration.
2nd Quarter 3x6 Beehive 28 Inspiration

We were asked to use fabrics colors that remind us of the outdoors (grass, sky, sunrise, wildlife, etc). Sharon is doing a quilt for her husband. She asked us to think Old West, prairie, sunrise/sunset, ranch-y and she provided us a blue FQ. We were free to decide on the type of block.

When I saw this I thought this was the opportunities to try out Jacquie G’s tutorial on free pieced chevron. When I saw her post 2 months, I found it really interesting and I kept in mind that I wanted to try it out. Those chevrons and Sharon’s theme inspired me Fields and Mountains. I made two blocks in which I used Sharon’s fabric as the sky. Here is the result:

Fat Stash Bee - July Block 1
Fat Stash Bee - July Block 2

I’m pretty happy with it. I hope you like them Sharon! Thanks to Jacquie G for her tutorial an her blog in general which I found really inspiring.

One thought on “Fat Stash Bee – July Blocks

  1. Katie

    I saw this block on Flickr & just wanted to let you know how much I liked it. The horizontal one reminds me of home…Kansas. I just moved to California so I'm feeling awfully sentimental. 🙂

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