Fat Stash Bee – March Block

My first post in my first blog will be about the first block I did for the first quilting bee I’m in (Fat Stash Bee). There is a beginning to everything, right! In our bee, the person who is leading the month only provides the 11 other member a fat quarter. We have to integrate this in our block and complete with fabrics from our stash. For this month, we had to do a house block for princessmax’s neighborhood quilt. She provided us a orange FQ which I used for the brick in my house. She also gave us a couple of links for inspiration, one of them was a tutorial from comfortstiching. I based my block design on this and I adapted it to do a little candy shop. This idea came from fabrics I had: a candy print and a fabric with stripes in the same colors. The first was leftovers from Christmas which I bought with my sister to do some Furoshikis (Japenese gift wrap).  The second one comes from a jelly roll of quilting fabric remnants I bought thinking my little stash would be insufficient. I thought these would be perfect for this project. Here are the fabrics:
March block by thecharmingneedle

Here is the design I sketched:
March block by thecharmingneedle

And here is the final result. It was really fun to do this and I hope princessmax likes it!

March block by thecharmingneedle

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  1. bellechan

    Where will we be able to see the finished product since it is not you who will be assembling the quilt? It would be very nice to see how your blocks fit in the whole project.

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