New Beat!

With Halloween approaching, school started already 2 months ago. For me this means a whole new beat, since my two boys are now in school. Here is a lunch bag and pencil case I made for my younger one for his entry to school.

Lunch bag and pencil case

After my second child was born, me and my husband decided I would stay at home with the kids until both went to school. This time has come and since the beginning of September I have been working on a Portfolio website to work as a freelancer. I had fun doing a custom logo, pattern for background and Processing animation for it. If you are curious, you can have a look at


In the coming months, I will be looking for projects in web development and generative design. I don’t know how much time will be left for sewing, quilting and blogging. But, I do have a few projects I want to share in the next few days.

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