Where I Sew

Have you seen this event hosted by Pink Chalk Fabrics. It runs all month and it’s about sharing where we sew.

Pink Chalk Studio

What a great idea! It’s so fun to see where others create to have ideas on how to organize your own sewing space. I decided I would join and share my sewing space with you.

Where I Sew
Where I Sew

So, I sew in my laundry/sewing room. It’s a small space (7′ x 13′)  that can be quite noisy when both the washer and dryer are running. But, I’m just so happy to have a dedicated room where I don’t need to get everything out to start sewing and put away after to have the space for something else. I usually don’t have more than one continuous hour to dedicate to sewing. So, using the dining table would not have been a great solution for me. The thing I love the most about my sewing room is that large window. I’m so grateful to have great lighting in the room.

Being in such a small space I’m always trying to find better ways to organize it. Recently I added this design wall next to the washer/dryer. I already had a smaller one behind my desk. But, this one is great because I can stand on the other side of the room (13′) and have a more global view of my project. I just used one of those curtain wire from Ikea. You can hang some batting, felt or a laminate table cloth (with fleece on the back) to turn it into a design wall. 

I have some mid-term/long-term plans to improve this little room. I want some more storage space. My idea is to have wall cabinets all the way around. I want them high enough (higher than my head) so I don’t loose too much working space. Maybe 2 rows of something like this with doors that will keep the dust off. I’m not sure yet. But, the first thing I want to tackle is a sewing table where I can have my machine bed at the same height as the table. I would like a table similar to this. I think it will make quilting a bit more easier. I have all the materials to build it. I just need to decide what size I want it. Do I want it big enough to be able to put my large cutting mat (24″ x 36″) next to my machine like I do on my current table? I’m still not sure. My current table takes quite some space.  I still have some thinking to do first.

It was great to share my sewing space with you. Any recommendations are welcomed. Be sure to take a look at the event on the Pink Chalk Fabrics’s blog to see designer sewing spaces! Further more, they are some prizes to win!

2 thoughts on “Where I Sew

  1. cinzia

    Hi Josee, i like that your sewing room is so bright and NEAT! You have a good amount of space above your table for storage cabinets or shelves. And i like that rack you are using to hang your quilts.
    The board above your Ironing board looks like it could be a nice inspiration wall or place to hang artwork.
    For the table, I would say go as big as you can fit in there. I say you can never have too much table space! Who is going to build it?

    1. josee.carrier2@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks Cinzia! The rack is actually to dry clothes I don't put in the dryer. But there is always some WIP projects hanging there. I agree with you, I should put up something above my ironing board and bring some life to this room. For the table I'm still not sure, the room is so small. I really need to sketch out a plan to see what it could look like. It's either my father or my husband that will build the table out of an old drawing table. Both are equipped to do so. Just need to find the time!

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