Bag #1 using Nancy Zieman’s Clover template

Last year, I started to sew two bags in a sewing course, both using templates by Nancy Zieman for Clover. This was my first posts on my blog (see here and here). Back in April, I had the lining and outer shell finished and ready to assemble, but I was missing some hardware for the straps.

Handbag Sewing CourseHandbag Sewing Course

I bought some in May but still, I left them sitting there. I wasn’t sure what type of closure I would put for each bag. For the blue jean one, I already had a zipper for it. But, I was a bit limited on how I would sew it to the bag, since the lining and outer shell were already done. During the Holiday vacations, I decided it was more than time to finishe those up. So, I made out my mind for the blue jean one. I found out a series of 10 posts on Nancy Zieman’s blog that are complementing the templates. This is the last one, at the end you’ll find a link to all previous posts in the series. The one showing a easy zipper closure inspired me my solution. So here is the result.

Bag #1 - Nancy Zieman's template 
Bag #1 - Nancy Zieman's template 
Bag #1 - Nancy Zieman's template

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I love the patchwork of quilting cottons on the front. Both bags feature fabrics by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller. The ones on the blue jeans bag are from her Lanter Bloom collection, the other one is from her Poppy collection which I both love. It’s one of the first designer fabrics I noticed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any specific projects in mind for those at that time. But, I’m glad I included the samples I ordered in my bags. It makes them a little bit more special.

At the time, I decided to take the bag sewing course, I was looking for a small bag featuring patchwork. I didn’t find any at that time. But next time, I’ll probably try out this pattern by Anna Graham from noodle head. I’ve seen it a few times in the Pink Chalk Fabric newsletter and it looks great.

I still need to finish my pink bag. I’ll probably go and buy a nice zipper for this one also. Or I might just put a magnet closure just like a the lower pocket. But, I’m afraid things could fell out of my bag. Let see … I hope I’ll find the motivation to get to it quickly.

2 thoughts on “Bag #1 using Nancy Zieman’s Clover template

  1. elnorac

    Love both bags and am happy the posting of one on Flickr led me to your blog, which I'm now following on Bloglovin'.

    Hope you try out the 241 Tote by Anna Graham. I've made two, and it's my favorite bag pattern. I cut it down by a couple of inches because I use it as a purse, and I find the top opening is a bit small if it's made according to the pattern. Lots of people like it that way, mind you, but I like a short, wide purse, not a tall, narrow one.

  2. bellechan

    I love how you repeated the printed fabric around the zipper. It makes a pop of colour when you are looking down in your purse, searching for your keys, hehehe.

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