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Most of us now read blogs trough readers like Bloglovin. But, I’ve made a few changes to my blog in the past year. So today, I invite you to come and have a look. One of them was to add galleries. You can now have a look at the different pictures I posted on Flickr. You can flip through them directly from my blog with one page by project category (See menu Galleries). For example, here is the page for Quilts. But most importantly, I added a section for my portfolio of textile designs. I love designing patterns and I thought I would share a bit more about it with you.  Part of it is private (Private Portfolio sub-menu). If you are interested to have a look at a broader range of my work for licensing, please contact me.

I’ve made those changes a while ago, so why share it with you today? Because I have worked on some new designs that are now available for sale on Spoonflower. Recently, I designed a collection of basics in different colors of the rainbow. Mostly geometric patterns mixing hand-drawn and vector elements. I also used coding (Processing)  to generate the layout for most of them. I really had fun designing this set of prints.

Color Bliss

I named the collection Color Bliss. Here is an overview of the different prints. You can find the different prints at Spoonflower. The patterns are also available for licensing on Shutterstock.


When I ordered samples of these prints, I also ordered a fat quarter of a print I designed earlier this summer for one of the Spoonflower contest. It’s called Filed of Roses and you can find it here for sale.

Field Of Roses

I hope you love the different prints. Next time, I’ll try to show them as part of some projects. I might do a cooling case for my Clover mini-iron using the Field of Roses print. This is something I’ve been wanting to make for a while, but now I might just have the motivation for it.Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog today.


3 thoughts on “Color Bliss on Spoonflower

  1. Shannon

    Yay! What awesome designs, Josée! I just love geometric prints and you’ve done them beautifully! Congrats on the new website layout too, super easy to navigate.

  2. Isabelle

    Beautiful prints Josée! I’m in love with that yellow one and those big flowers would be gorgeous on a quilt back. You’ve done an amazing job with the site too.

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