Newspaper Article on Modern Quilting

A quick post today to share an article published in the journal last weekend. There was an article on modern quilting in the “cahier Maison” of  La Presse here in Quebec.

Me, Cinzia and Tamara from the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild were interviewed, along Catherine Cherrier from Courtepointe Quebec Quilts, Suzanne Paquette from Atelier Six and Elizabeth Elliott, a quilter from Toronto. It’s now available on the web (in French). For those interested, you can find it here. Thanks to Claudia Guerra for sharing our passion with a greater audience.

One thought on “Newspaper Article on Modern Quilting

  1. Izzy

    I bought La Presse last weekend just for the article! I then showed it to my 22 year-old son just to show how cool quilting is now! 😉

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