Herringbone Quilting

Earlier this summer, I’ve shown you a WIP quilt top made with a rainbow charm pack (see this post). I had mentioned I had to make the quilting for a quilt designed and pieced by my friend Cinzia using the same charm pack. I finished the quilting and gave it back to her last week. Before I did, I took a few pictures to share with you.

Herringbone Quilting

Cinzia pieced improvisational houses. I love the cream, grey and yellow dots she used for the negative space. I love how different the rainbow of colors looks with those compared to how it looks with the cool gray and pure white I’ve used.

A while ago I had seen a whole cloth quilt from West Elm on Pinterest (see this pin). It features a herringbone pattern for the quilting and I really like the idea. When I saw Cinzia’s quilt, I thought it would be perfect to quilt this in the negative space. Herringbone patterns can look like a series of rooftop or tiles. I decided to go improvisational just like the piecing of the houses. I first quilted some vertical lines using my walking foot. I aligned those lines with the edges of the house blocks and with the top of the roofs. Then I switched to my darning foot to free motion quilt the zig zag lines going from a vertical line to the other.

Herringbone Quilting
Herringbone Quilting

Cinzia provided me a yellow and orange variegated thread for the quilting. A contrasting thread makes the quilting errors more obvious. Using a variegated thread adds an additional difficulty. I had a hard time adjusting the thread tension. I wasn’t able to completely eliminate the thread loops from the bobbin from showing up on the front. This was more evident when the thread on the front changed to a different color than the one on the back.

Herringbone Quilting

Still, I hope my friend Cinzia is happy with the result and I’m looking forward seeing the quilt finished. As for my quilt, I though I’d share the finished quilt top. It really hasn’t change much since the last picture, but the piecing is done. I’m still unsure how I’ll quilt it. Either a large spiral or something that will accentuate the two levels of pinwheels.

Pinwheel Quilt

Both these quilts are meant to be donated by the Montreal MQG to a palliative care center. I hope they will bring comfort to the persons who will receive them.

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  1. cinzia

    Yes Josee, i love how you quilted my quilt! it suits the quilt beautifully! I've already sewn the binding to the front, it's 'cued up' in my basket next to the couch waiting for me to finish it up.


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