Back to School

School started last week. It feels so weird to have some time alone in the house. Weird, but good! Time when I can totally focus on what I’m doing and be more productive. I had some small projects to make before school. My son needed two pencil cases. My younger one asked for one too. Also, I wanted to make some gifts for his daycare teacher since he was changing group. So, I decided to make them some zippy pouches as well, for a total 5.

Four of them were made with the open wide zippered pouches tutorial from Noodlehead. I love that tutorial and how this pouches open-up in such a way you can clearly see what is in it.

Zip pouches
For my sons pouches, I ordered some eco canvas from Spoonflower. It’s not as stiff as I thought it would be and it does fray a bit. But, the colors printed on that fabric looks so vibrant. The design I ordered was a winning design from a past contest (Fishing Lures) by Laura Mayes. It’s the fish print in the picture above. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to order some for my sons. They both loved it. So much, that they didn’t even notice the pink in the print, which they usually do

For the 5th pouch, I used this tutorial which I’ve been wanted to try for a while. I also like how it opens up. However, I was expecting something a bit more bigger. Or it’s the school who asked to put way to much stuff in it.

Zip pouches

This one was much harder to assemble. It didn’t help that my cord for the piping was too large and my bias tape way too narrow. I didn’t have time left to go at the fabric shop, so I used what I had at home. But I manage to finish it and I hope that he will be able to use it for some time.

Zip pouches

Now, back to quilting. I’m working on new projects and it’s quite exciting. I’ll try to share some with you in the coming weeks.

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