Still blogging about Christmas Gifts …

A month has passed since Christmas and I’m still blogging about the gifts I’ve made. It’s about time I finish. So, these are the last few gifts I’ve sewn this year for Christmas.

First, I’ve made a business card wallet for my sister. She asked for one when she saw mine. Again, I’ve used some Essex yarn dyed linen blend in black combined with Jay McCarroll’s print from his Center City collection. Just like what I had done for her knitting notion organizer.

Business Card Wallet

Business Card Wallet

I also made my grand-mother a key lanyard like the one I had made here. These lanyards are fun and quick to sew and my grand-mother likes carrying her keys around with one. So, I thought she would love to receive one made by me.

Key Lanyard

The last one was a gift my older son found in his Christmas stoking. I made him a little bag to bring his morning snacks to school. Since school began in September, he has been using some brown paper bags. I thought it was about time I made him a re-usable bag. The interior is a nylon fabric, so it will be easy to clean.

Snap Snack Bag
Snap Snack Bag

Now that I’m done sewing and blogging about my Christmas gifts, I’m back to this quilt. I can’t wait to share more about the process with you.

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