Monthly Archives: January 2014

In And Out Quilt: Cutting

I’m finally back to this project. I’m still not sure how to name this quilt. A friend suggested I Want to Break Free as the song by Queen. Or maybe Connect. Since I’m not sure yet, it will remain In and Out quilt for now. I’ve finally cut into my fabrics for the quilt top […]

Sewing for Knitters

For Christmas, I made two gifts for knitters. The first was for my aunt. She liked my sister’s knitting needles roll-up. A while ago she had mentioned that she would love if I could make one for her. I made one based on my tutorial with some modifications. I used a printed corduroy for the […]

Gear Pillow

I finished my Gear Pillow last week (see previous posts here and here). I’m glad I was able to finish quilting and assembling the pillow before our show and tell at the Montreal MQG meeting. For the quilting, I decided to use the H2O design by Leah Day. I love the scale that Brigitte from Zen […]


For Christmas, two of my sewed gifts were baskets. The first was a basket for holding coloring pencils. I love the size of Ayumi’s organizer basket. But, then I found out this tutorial. I though it was interesting to fold fabric and use grommets and ribbons to hold the shape of the basket. So, I adapted […]

Village Bag

This is the first project I worked on for Christmas. It actually started as a bag for me. But as I was making it, I thought this was something my mother would really like. So, I decided I would offer her for Christmas. I got the exterior fabric in a bag class I took I […]

End of Year Projects

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had some nice Holidays with your family. I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions, so I won’t share any with you. I hope that 2014 will bring us some great surprises and that there will be some sewing and quilting along the way. Since most of […]