Sewing for Boston

This weekend I did a bit of sewing for the people of Boston. Did you here about the To Boston With Love an Quilts for Boston initiatives?

To Boston With Love

Quilts for Boston

A few members from the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild offered to help out the Vancouver MQG branch to make some flags. I made two of them. One following this tutorial and a second based on this tutorial. Both are paper pieced.

To Boston With Love

All the flags are collected by Amy from During Quiet Time and they will be displayed in the city of Boston later on (details to be announced next week).

I also made a block for the quilts that will be made by the Boston MQG.

Quilts for Boston

I wanted something that could represent a marathon, abstractly I mean. I realize that it looks more like a race with the colored parallelogram in the different corridor.

It’s great to be able to show support to people of Boston after the atrocity that happened at the marathon. We have them in our hearts, particularly the ones who had to face some lost. A big thanks to the people who put those initiatives to life, to the ones who will be setting up the flags and to the ones who will be assembling the quilts.

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