Bear Carrier for Easter

I’m not a big fan of chocolate for Easter, so I decided to sew something for my little ones instead. Anyway, I knew they would be getting plenty from their grand-parents. I made one of the first thing they asked for when they saw my new book Little Things to Sew from Liesl Gibson: the Bear Carrier.

Bear Carrier

I also made a third one in purple for my niece. I’m sure it will be the one which will get the more use. She is two. I’m sure she will be carrying her baby dolls all around with it. The instructions in the book were really clear. It took a bit of time because I decided to make 3 of them. But, I’m glad I did it all at once. I started on  theThursday before Easter and by Sunday, they were ready. Except I had to make adjustements on them to position the velcro before they could actually play with it. All 3 of them were happy to get this little gift.

We had quite a lot of fun taking pictures of the bear carrier. My boys wanted to make a photo shoot with the tripod and everything.

Bear Carrier

Bear Carrier

After taking pictures of the actual bear carrier, I think we played around about an hour taking pictures of the three of us putting the timer on the camera and running to take the picture. It was quite fun!

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  1. Anonymous

    Vraiment cute! J'aime ton audace à essayer tout plein de projets pour la vie de tous les jours. Bravo!

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