Piano Cover

Lately, I finished up a project that was on my WIP list for more than a year.

Piano Cover

My sister had requested a cover for her boyfriend’s electronic piano. They wanted something in black, white, grey and red. She had sent this picture for inspiration (sorry I can’t give credit to anyone for this poster).

It was about the time I started Rachel Hauser’s online curve class (from Stitched in Color). So, I thought this would be a great idea for the improv curve piecing project. At the end of the curve class, I had finish assembling the top panel (see this post).  I quilted it with the lining last summer (see this post). But then it was left hanging in my sewing room for a year. It was the birthday of my sister’s boyfriend a few weeks ago. It was just the motivation I needed to finish this project. I didn’t have much left: the side panels, assembling and binding. In a day, it was done. It makes me wonder why I waited so long.

Piano Cover

The cover is not actually quilted because I didn’t use batting. But, I did topstitch the top panel with the lining. I used a home decor weight cotton for the lining. So, I though it would be stiff enough. And I wanted a flatter look. But if I was to do it again, I would either use batting or some interfacing. Looking at it a year later, I really like the variegated thread that I used and the wavy lines. Beside the piecing of the crossing curves, it adds some interest to the remaining of the piano cover. And the red binding adds that little pop of color.The lining is a designer fabric that was given to me by aunt. She had bought some to cover some chairs and had a lot left. Lucky me! I thought it went quite well with the top panel. Don’t you love those curves?

Piano Cover

My sister’s boyfriend was quite happy to receive the piano cover. She was too. It seems that their cats like to sleep on the piano. So now at least, there will be less hair between the piano keys. However, they quickly realized that black wasn’t such a good idea with cats! BTW, thanks to my sister for the great pictures of the cover on the actual piano!

3 thoughts on “Piano Cover

  1. Jilly

    I often do that too – leave something almost done because it seems like its going to be a hassle, and then it takes a few hours.

    The finished cover looks great, and I love the pieced section.

  2. Reb Thack

    What a great idea! I'm thinking I should make one for my brother and his wife. They, too, have cats that like to sleep on their piano – as well as two kiddos 2 and 3 with sticky fingers 🙂

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