Skirt Out!

Almost 5 years ago, I took a class on how to recycle a pair of jeans into a skirt. I took that class here in Montreal at La Gaillarde, a non profit eco-fashion boutique. Unfortunately, they stopped giving sewing classes recently because they no longer had a sufficient demand.

Back to my skirt. I never got to wear it because when I took the class I was in the early months of my first pregnancy. Recently, I decided it was about time I took it out the shelves and start wearing it. It was practically done.

The only thing I wanted to add was a little decoration in the black triangle on the front. Maybe an applique,… I wasn’t sure. I had picked up this silky fabric from the store’s scrap bin to do so. I love the fabric. It made me think about a the cover of a novel by Anna Gavalda I had read about that time.

Last week, I thought maybe a little fabric yo-yo would nice. So, I went ahead and made one. I added a cute little button I had in the center of it.

Skirt Out!

Here it’s me wearing it for the first time yesterday.

Skirt Out!

I decided to not permanently fix it to my skirt. I inserted a rigid interfacing in it to give it more body. I used a safety pin to attach it to my skirt.

This will be easier for cleaning. I just need to remove it before putting my skirt in the washing machine. And then I thought I could do a few other yo-yo  in different fabrics to be able to change it!

This is a perfect project for the Summer Reinvention Challenge over at Sew Mama Sew!  I would love to read this book!

2 thoughts on “Skirt Out!

  1. DangAndBlast!

    Not entering, as I don't need an eyeglass case, but wanted to let you know the link seems to go to your giveaway from December rather than this one! (Cute skirt work, though.)

  2. Natalia

    I've not seen a jean skirt done this way before and I love it way better than any other I've seen! You probably won't see this comment as it's so much later but I'm pinning this and hoping my young adult daughter will want one! 😀

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