Gardening Apron for my Mom

When I saw this gardener’s apron tutorial at Sew Mama Sew a few weeks ago, I thought this was the perfect idea for Mother’s Day. I decided to make one for my mom who LOVES gardening!

Here it is.
Gardening Apron for my Mom
I just snapped at picture of it after giving it to my mother last Sunday. My sister completed the gift with some new gloves and shears, and a couple of seed packets. Among them, a packet of Morning Glories. The three of us love those flowers!

I decided to follow this tutorial. It is pretty similar to the one at Sew Mama Sew, but I preferred its ties. I just added a little seed pocket. For it, I pieced a small log cabin that I lined and stitched to main fabric before assembling the apron.

No need to say that my mother was really happy about our gift!

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  1. castors

    Now make a mark 10 inches from the top left corner on the top long edge. Rotate the paper to the right so that the short left edge is now at the top.

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