Bag #2 using Nancy Zieman’s Clover template

A while ago I finished up this bag made from a template by Nancy Zieman for Clover.
Bag #1 - Nancy Zieman's template
I had a second bag to finish but didn’t have the motivation to do so. Two weeks ago I started using my finished bag. When my sister in law saw it, she said she liked the format and that she had been looking for one for a long time. As I knew she liked pink, I offered her to give her my second bag. So, here I had my reason and motivation to go ahead and finish up this bag.
Bag #2 - Nancy Zieman's template
This bag also features a fabric by Laura Gunn for Michael Miller. It is from her Poppy collection.
As for the first bag, my closure was inspired by this easy zipper closure tutorial which is part of a series of 10 posts on Nancy Zieman’s blog that are complementing the templates. I find the result better this time. At least, I found it was easier to achieve it this time. Here it is open and close:

Bag #2 - Nancy Zieman's templateBag #2 - Nancy Zieman's template
Yet, the thing I don’t like about sewing bags is those thick fabrics like the strap ends. I find it so hard to sew these correctly.

My sister in law was at our place last weekend and she was quite happy to receive her bag. So, in the end I find it is fun to make things when you know they are really appreciated.

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  1. Jennifer

    Hi Josee, I love the things you have made! I found you on the Modern Quilt Guild page and was very excited to see that there is a guild in Montreal now! I am having difficulty emailing you or Cinzia, not sure if I have to have an account with mqg first. Maybe you could email me with some more information? my email is Sorry for writing this in the comments but I was excited to get in touch with you!

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