Fat Stash Bee – Quilt Top

I finally finished my quilt top from all the blocks I got from the Fat Stash Bee. My month was back in June. I sent out to all the 11 other girls in the bee a FQ in pink, red, blue or green to do a crazy scrappy block in that color following Aneela Hoey’s tutorial. I also sent out some Alexander Henry’s Starling fabric for the center piece. See this post for the details on the fabrics. This was my sample block.

All the girls were really generous. I got two blocks or more from most of them. Thanks to all of you, it is really appreciated. I had so many that I was able to do a first quilt with some of the extra blocks in red and pink. See this post for details.

Fat Stash Bee - 1st Quilt Finished 

For the main quilt I had in mind, here are the blocks layout on the floor showing my original idea. The empty spaces would have been filled with the same fabrics I sent out to the bee.
Fat Stash Bee - June - Quilt 1 

But, I changed my mind after my mother mentioned there was to much color all over the place. It’s true that it would have been a bit distracting for the eyes. I decided to divide the quilt in 4 quadrants, one for each color and to put some Starling fabric in the center. Here is the quilt top finished.

Fat Stash Bee - Quilt Top from Blocks Received

I used some Essex linen in natural for the sashing. I also finished the quilt back this weekend. I used the same idea of the four quadrants. But I used Kona cottons in Tomato, Bubblegum, Peridot and Blueberry instead of blocks and a piece of the fabrics I sent out in the same color instead of the Starling fabric. I’m currently working on the quilting. I can wait to have it all finished to show it to you.