Grab bag

When looking for tutorials/pattern for a bag to hold my sisters knitting projects, I found two that were interesting. Both are bags with two handles, one being longer than the other so you can slip it in the smaller one and than on your wrist. The first one is the Japanese Knot Bag by Helen Heath that I’ve used to sew my sister’s bag for Christmas (see post). The other is a free pattern from named Grab bags. They are really similar in shape and in size except the Grab bags don’t have a round flat bottom.

At Christmas, my aunt loved the bags I gave my sister and she requested one for herself. This was the perfect occasion to try out the second pattern. The instructions were clear and I preferred their way of joining the handle ends. Here is what it looks like.

Grab bag

I hope my aunt will like it. She didn’t see the final result yet, but she did see the fabric. She is really the kind of person who likes cheerful color. But, I wanted to check with her if she liked this particular fabric. Like for my sister’s bag I used home decor weight cottons. I hope she will find it useful for her knitting projects. She does some pretty original projects, take a look!

One thought on “Grab bag

  1. bellechan

    Oh wow! the fabric is so nice! 😀 It is perfect for Liz, I'm sure she'll be nuts about it.

    I'm almost jealous, but I do prefer the flat bottom mine has! I just love them so much, thank you again 🙂

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