Monthly Archives: April 2011

Wall Art Mini-Quilt

About a month ago, I did a screen printing course. One of the three projects was printed on fabric. I had decided to print a blue poppy on cotton fabric. The plan was to integrate this in a mini-quilt to hang it on my bedroom wall. I had bought Kate Spain’s fabrics from Moda in […]

Handbag Sewing Course – Update

Here is a little update on my handbag projects. Lat week, I went to the second and last part of my course. We learned different techniques to join the lining and outer shell and how to fix the straps. Unfortunately, I’m not done yet. I’m missing the hardware to fix the straps. So, this project […]

Zippy pouches

I’ve sewn those cases for my two little ones. It’s based on a project in the Spring 2010 issue of the Stitch magazine. For the first pouch (brown one), I’ve modified the appliques a bit. On one side, I put the mushroom appliques. On the other side, I put the hedgehog with a slightly different […]