Handbag Sewing Course

Last week, I attended a sewing class on handbags. I was just looking for a bag pattern when I saw that course. I think I have the same bag I had5 years ago. I never sewn handbag so, I thought this course would be instructive. Furthermore, the bags shown in the course description seemed interesting. We are using Nancy Zieman’s templates from Clover. I’ve chosen the California collection template (http://www.clover-usa.com/product/268062/9509/_/Trace_%27n_Create_Bag_Templates_%28California_Collection%29). I prefer small bags, I usually don’t carry much with me, so I’ve chosen the Carmel Petite variation. The course is 2 blocks of 3 hours. The second part is next week and we are supposed to complete our bags. So, this week I’m working on my homework. We need to finish assembling the outer shell with some decoration of our own and the lining. Next week, we will be joining both together and adding the hardware for closure and the strap. The teacher provided us some pink jeans for the outer shell. I’ve decided to add some fabric from Laura Gunn’s Poppy collection (Michael Miller) and some plum solid cotton from my stash to add some interest.

Since I’m making one, why not make two? So, I started another
one with fabrics from my stash: blue jeans and again cotton prints from
Laura Gunn but this time from the Lantern Bloom collection.

I love her fabrics but I never got the chance to use them. I only have a small amount, so those projects are perfect. I’ll let you know what the final result is.

One thought on “Handbag Sewing Course

  1. bellechan

    I can't wait to see the finished product 😀

    I am always amazed at how you can turn boring fabrics like pink jeans to something great and even yummy!

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