Fat Stash Bee – Fabric for my Month

Yes, I already have my fabrics for my month in the FSB, which is only in June. I was obsessed by it. Ah! the excitement of the first bee I guess. It wasn’t long before I took my decision for the fabrics and ordered them over the internet. I also wanted to make sure to receive them in time since shipping here can be sometimes long. I was really surprised to get them the week after. I decided to make a baby quilt. I first thought about doing a quilt for my own bed. But, I realized that a queen size bed quilt might be a too ambitious project for my first quilts, particularly the quilting part. So, here are the fabrics. The main one is Alexander Henry Starling Natural fabric. The others are fabrics of 4 different colors, colors that are found in the Starling fabric. For red, I chosed Laurie Wisbrun, Tufted Tweets, Birds on a Wire Sorbet. For pink, Darlene Zimmerman, Three Bears Collection, Cherries on Camellia. For blue, Laurie Wisbrun, Tufted Tweets, Birdies and Chairs Grass. And for green, Carolyn Gavin Wild Thyme Tulip Flowers Green Natural. The fabrics all come from Lucky Kaeru Fabric and Supplies. For each bee member, I will provide a fabric of one of these colors and I would like them to make a block by completing with fabric from their stash in the same color. Depending on the type of block I decided, I might also provide a little piece of the Starling fabric to put in the block center. I’ll see, I still have some time to think about this… It should be fun.

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